Wildheart Organics Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser - Meditate

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  • £35.00

A blend of 12 pure essential oils selected for their grounding and meditational properties.

The heart of the fragrance is Ayurvedic jasmine attar with aromatic frankincense and grounding vetiver. This is a stunning oil base made with jasmine petals within a sandalwood base. The blend also incorporates lavender, atlas cedarwood, bergamot and cypress, all chosen for their amazing ability to bring inner peace.

Our blends are 100% natural, non- toxic with only pure essential oils.

Each 165ml bottle contains a very generous 30ml of pure essential oils and will give 6 - 8 weeks of uplifting aromatherapy.

Pesented in a round glass bottle with silver top and extra wide black reeds.

Made in the UK.